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Health and Beauty requires constant attention to stay in balance, inside and out.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Balancing the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Traditional Chinese Medicine, abbreviated as TCM, is a 2,000 year medical science that utilizes Acupuncture and other body modalities, including cupping therapy, and Chinese herbal medicines.  TCM is effective in treating a wide range of conditions, from aches and pains, the common cold and flu, various allergies, infertility, and chronic conditions like cancer, and also in helping with post-stroke rehabilitation.  We can help you achieve a higher balance in your life.

Body Contouring

Body Contouring Therapies

Helping you achieve your goals

At Life AcuMed Spa, we offer the latest in Body Contouring therapies.  We can utilize a combination of techniques to help burn fat, get rid of cellulite, and to tighten the appearance of the skin.  By offering sessions with Vanquish, X-Wave, and Merdian Therapy,  as well as sessions with our trained staff in offering acupuncture and TCM related treatments, Life AcuMed Spa can help support you in reaching your optimal body shape and look.

Esthetics and Facials

Esthetics and Facial Treatments

Brightening your face to look more vibrant and youthful

Life AcuMed Spa offers a variety of treatments for the improvement, and maintenance, of the health and beauty of the face and skin.  Our treatments brightens your face to give it a more vibrant and youthful look.  We utilize traditional esthetician treatments, as well as using technology such as D-Cool, Meridian Therapy, and the 3D HiFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) Face Lift Machine.

Infrared Sauna Pods

Infrared Sauna Pods and Light Therapy

Activating your inner cardiovascular system for a deeper reset

For your relaxation and invigoration, we offer individual Infrared Sauna Pods that is equipped to provide Light Therapy for a multitude of beneficial effects for your skin, your heart, and your mind.